What USA Travel Sports offers:

  • Insurance Discount Program
  • World Series Bids
  • Tournament Sanctioning
  • Advanced web site capabilities
  • Online Standings and Scoring
Waiver All Sports 

All participants, coaches, score keepers and people involved with the team on the field must complete this waiver:


Click Here for the mandatory Waiver

Web Site General Issues 

If you are having issues with the web site please try the following:

A. Make sure you are using a compatible browser: ( Internet Explorer 9.0 or better / Safari 5.1.7 or better )

B. Clear your Browser History: Under Tools->Internet Options->Browser History->Delete->Delete ( Internet Explorer )

C. Make sure Java script is enabled:

Please complete the following instructions to activate and enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer.

  1. In the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
  2. Next, select the Security tab.
  3. Then, select the earth (Internet) icon.
  4. Then select the Custom Level button.
  5. Locate Scripting near the bottom of the list.
  6. Under Active Scripting, select Enable, thit OK.
  7. Answer yes to the following conformation box.
  8. Hit OK to close the Internet Options window.
  9. Finally, hit refresh on your browser window
Web Site Login Issues 

You setup a login id and password when you registered with USA Travel Sports. The login and password can be found in the registration confirmation e-mail that was sent you after you registered.

If you can't login with your usercode and password both are case sensitive so make sure you are typing them in the exact way you created them.

Click on the link: If you have forgotten your login information you will need to click on the link on the login page. After you enter your valid e-mail that you used to register your team the web site will e-mail your login and password to you.